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David Blacker

David Blacker

About Blacker Music Productions

Blacker Music Productions, began in the early 2000’s as a music production studio in New York City, producing commercial and original music projects. As our client base and talent resources grew, we began overseeing the production and marketing for a number of diverse multimedia projects. Our portfolio includes work for clients such as Virgin Media, Rounder Records, The Fuse Network, Truefire.com, QVC, FCUK, Dewars and more.

A word from the owner: David Blacker

Having produced a wide range of projects, I have been privileged to work closely with some of the most talented and creative music and multimedia professionals around today. Together we collaborate on a variety of projects from composition to music production, to interactive development and marketing. Our most recent venture, of which I am co-founder is www.AirGigs.com the first online music production service marketplace.

At the heart of everything, I consider myself to be a student of the creative process. For me that began as a teenager with a love of the guitar, blues and american roots music, and transitioned into owning and operating a busy music production studio in NYC. It has since expanded into the realms of technology and business. In both music and business I strive for the same thing: to create a result that connects and resonates with people in an authentic way.