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We were intimately involved in the writing, performing and production of the following albums. Individual pages with writing, performance and production credits – coming soon.


This is the debut album from Son of Strays. The Son of Strays sound is mystical storytelling with mood and is heavily inspired by American Roots music. The song She Can Sing is in rotation on KGUP 106.5 in LA. The song Hard Road Going is featured on NeilYourg.com’s Living With War page…More

The band’s sound draws from an eclectic mix of delta blues to indie rock to eighties nyc hardcore. The Bands’ members all come out of New York’s lower east side music scene…More


Spy Lounge is The BlackTail’s debut album. The song “Off The Rack” was featured in Dewars’s “Dewarisms” national television ad campaign, as well as a Starbucks web promotion in 2010. With musical influences drawn from American Roots Music to West Coast Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Latin, Surf Rock & Electric…More


Baby Blues is a blues and american roots concept album by Carl Fospero that was distributed by Rounder Records nationwide. The album was featured in Blues Revue & Blues Access Magazines…More


Inside Man is a follow up to the BlackTails debut album Spy Lounge. With Inside Man, The BlackTails created a seamless fusion of film noir-esque covers and original material. Marrying standards like Duke Ellington’s “Caravan” with vocal harmonies ala Janes Addiction, as well as paying tribute to Miles…More


Swingset was the follow-up to the Baby Blues concept album and featured blues greats like W.C Handy Award Winner Toni Lynn Washington, and an amazing horn section led by Michael Hashim. (no longer in distribution)


Mackin is the debut album from the Mackin Band. This hard-hitting rock meets comedy nyc unit was summed up as follows: “If Weird Al” had sex with Megadeth, their baby would sound like Mackin’. The song “Sell Out” was used as the intro theme song for the hilarious TV show The PA, on the Fuse Network.More

Christmas Sessions From NYC, was the 2nd of two albums of holiday music by creator Glen Munoz. All of the net proceeds for the 2 albums were donated to charity…More